Enjoy your family and your home with the protection of a First American home warranty.

Enjoy your home and protect your budget with a First American home warranty.

Spend time with family, not fixing broken systems and home appliances.

“Things do wear out, things do break down. They are there to repair and fix and replace if necessary...”

- Bill Cranham

What is a Home Warranty?

Unsure what a home warranty is and if having one will help you? Learn what home warranties are all about and why you need one. Whether you’re a long-time or first-time homeowner, or somewhere in between, a home warranty is your solution for repairing or replacing covered items that fail.

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Why Buy a Home Warranty?

Stuff breaks. When an appliance or home system goes kaput, a home warranty can help protect your household budget against inevitable repair and replacement costs. When you buy our home warranty, you are buying protection for many critical home appliances and systems you use every day.

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How a Home Warranty Can Save Money

If you’re a homeowner you know it’s costly to repair or replace an appliance or air conditioner. But did you know that homeowners with our home warranty often place multiple claims per year, saving them hundreds to thousands of dollars? In fact, more than 58% of our first-year customers request service.

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Why Choose First American Home Warranty?

A First American home warranty is a smart, simple, affordable choice for your real estate clients. For homebuyers, a home warranty provides an easy solution that can protect them from unexpected expenses when covered home systems or appliances break down. And for sellers, our home warranty can help reduce the risk of surprise home repairs before, during, and after the sale.

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First American home warranty service provides quality plumbing repair and service.

Join Our Home Warranty Team

If you want to help homeowners when their covered systems or appliances break down, we invite you to join our team and continue our company’s commitment to providing excellent customer service.

As a Service Provider in our home warranty network you have access to great benefits, including year-round work opportunities, access to new customers, and online billing and express payment.

When you’re part of First American Home Warranty we can also help you grow your business. Watch our contractors talk about their experience working with us and being on our team.

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We can help you build your business and referrals without the expense of advertising.

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