First American Offers Big HVAC Coverage

Whether heating or cooling a home, your clients depend on their HVAC system. Keeping it humming along is important so be sure your clients have First American BIG HVAC home warranty coverage.

Our home warranty provides robust HVAC coverage benefits:

14 SEER. If we determine that your client’s HVAC cannot be repaired, we’ll replace it* with a 14 SEER-rated system that meets current national efficiency mandates, which can help save on energy usage and energy costs.

No dollar limit on refrigerant replacement. With the cost of air conditioner refrigerant on the rise, you can rest assured that First American has your clients covered no matter how much refrigerant a system needs.

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First American Home Warranty has Big HVAC coverage

Inside-outside compatibility coverage. If equipment is replaced to meet regulations such as 14 SEER, and modifications are needed to make the new equipment work with the existing systems in the house, those costs can be covered.

Repair and replace. If we cannot repair a covered system, we can replace it* with a new system.

Unknown pre-existing conditions. We cover unknown conditions and problems due to lack of maintenance, rust, and corrosion.

Unlimited service calls. We do not put a limit on the number of service calls your clients make in a year, which can save them money.

No size limit on covered residential AC units. Regardless of size, we’ll make sure your clients stay cool.

Review contract for coverage details and limitations.

*In some instances, Homeowner and First American may agree to payment of cash in lieu of repair or replacement. Payment will be made based on First American’s negotiated rates with its suppliers, which may be less than retail. Please review the sample contract for specific coverage, terms and limitations.