First American Offers Big HVAC Coverage

Whether you’re heating or cooling a home, you depend on your HVAC system. First American HVAC home warranty coverage can help protect your budget, and give you an easy solution when your heating or air conditioning system breaks.

We’ve got home warranty plans for every home and budget, whether you’re a current homeowner or buying or selling a home. 

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First American Home Warranty HVAC Benefits

repair and replace

Repair and replace

If we can’t repair a covered system or appliance, we’ll replace it with a new one.*



If we determine that your HVAC system can’t be repaired, we’ll replace it with a 14 SEER-rated system to meet current national efficiency mandates, which can help save on energy usage and energy costs.*


No caps on refrigerant

With no dollar limit on refrigerant replacement, you can rest assured that First American Home Warranty has you covered no matter how much refrigerant your system needs.

Inside-out compatibility

Inside-outside compatibility coverage

If equipment is replaced to meet regulations such as 14 SEER, and modifications are needed to make the new equipment work with the existing systems in the house, those costs can be covered.

No size limit on AC

No size limit on covered residential AC units

We’ll cover your AC unit regardless of size, so you can stay cool.

Unlimited service calls

Unlimited service calls

We don’t put a limit on the number of service calls you can make in a year, which can save you money.

Protection for Home Heating and Air Conditioning

It’s easy to forget how hard your HVAC system works. When your heating and or air conditioning system is keeping you comfortable, it's easy to take it for granted. But when your AC or heating breaks — usually when you’d least expect — it can be a hassle and very expensive to get them working again.

Heating and AC systems have become much more efficient over the years, but they don’t last as long as you might expect. Even with proper maintenance and regularly changing air filters, your home’s air conditioning systems typically last about 10-15 years. Your furnace may last a little longer. No matter how long your system lasts, it will probably need repairs long before that time.

HVAC Repair Costs Without a Home Warranty

Here’s what it can cost to repair or replace your HVAC system without a First American home warranty:**

Heating System: $794 to $2,990

heating system

Air Conditioner: $924 to $3,270

AC system

Home Warranty FAQs

How much does a First American home warranty cost?

The price of a home warranty can vary depending on the coverage that you’re seeking. To find the best home warranty for your budget, it’s easy to compare plans and by getting a free quote.

Who will you send to my home to service my system or appliance?

We will send a technician from our network of thousands of independent service providers who are pre-screened and monitored for performance through customer satisfaction surveys.

Does the age of my home's appliances or home systems matter?

No. We will cover your system or appliance regardless of age, provided it is in safe, working order before the start of your contract.

Are there any exclusions or limits?

Covered items are protected from damage or breakdowns that are the result of normal wear and tear. Damage caused either deliberately or accidentally, such as dropping a refrigerator down a flight of stairs, would be outside the warranty's scope. Home warranties provide valuable protection and peace of mind when covered items break; however, they do not cover all system and appliance failures. It is important to read the coverage outlined in your home warranty contract.

Customer Reviews

Here's what our customers have to say about the benefits of a First American home warranty:

First time that I called First American was for my AC unit. When I bought my home, the inspector said it was fine, and shortly thereafter it was not fine. So I called an HVAC company and was quoted an astronomical price to fix all of my ductwork, so I kind of just let it ride for the summer because I had just bought a house and didn't have the means to reduct the entire unit. Then I found out that I had First American and I called them. They sent someone out the next day and the guy simply replaced the motor with a brand new motor, and instantly we had air conditioning running through the entire house. Thank God I have First American, everyday life depends on it.

Tiffany, customer since 2017

We were hosting a paint party to kind of help re-do the place with all of our friends, and we had come over and realized that the AC had gone out in the middle of July. We made a quick and panicked call to our Realtor, and she reminded us that we had our First American warranty available, and so it took 5 minutes. I went online and filled out a form, and they had a contractor assigned to us within, I would say, five or six hours. So when he got here, I think it was probably the next morning. He went to the roof of our complex, checked it out, swapped out a piece, and he was here for less than 10 minutes, and we've had no issues since, it's been amazing! We're from the South, we love our AC, so we're very happy to not have any issues with that. Anything in this house can go wrong, but not the AC.

Jade and Chris, customers since 2018

I've had to get my garbage disposal fixed, I've had to get my AC serviced, my dryer fixed. Calling a different technician for each of these issues would have cost so much money, and so I've saved thousands of dollars with First American.

I would say the most stressful part of being a homeowner would have to be things breaking around the house, and it’s so nice knowing First American has my back, because I can come home and continue my day without worrying about anything.”

Tara, customer since 2018