Budget Protection

We're guessing you'd rather spend your money on fun things, and not on home system and appliance breakdowns. You can't predict when failures will occur, and the cost of repairing or replacing these items can devastate a budget.

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I want a home warranty quote to protect my budget from home system and appliance failures. 

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Home warranty plans save money

With a First American home warranty, your budget is protected when covered items break down. You can place multiple calls each year and save hundreds to thousands of dollars in repair and replacement bills.

Last year, nearly two-thirds of our home warranty customers filed at least one claim, and many filed more than one. As a result, we paid out more than $143 million* for these repairs and replacements.

What can repairs and replacements cost without a home warranty?**

  Repair Replace
Oven/Range $663 $3,070
Water Heater $512 $1,465
Refrigerator $778 $2,486
Air Conditioning $494 $3,036
Plumbing $611 $1,605
Heating System $723 $3,157
Electrical System $387 $654

*Paid invoices net of service fees in 2015, prior to deductions and/or rebates.

**Based on actual invoices paid by First American Home Warranty in 2015 prior to service fees, deductions and/or rebates; costs may vary in your geographic region.