Buying or Selling a Home?

If you're buying or selling a home, we offer specialized products made just for your situation.  A First American home warranty is a great way to save both home sellers and buyers from the unexpected expense of home system and appliance breakdowns.

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How to Order

There are two ways to order our specialized real estate coverage.

  1. Ask your Real Estate Agent to order a First American home warranty. The cost of the home warranty is typically included in the closing costs.
  2. Call our Real Estate New Orders Department at 800.444.9030 and select Option 3.

A home warranty can provide an added layer of financial protection in the event that a covered appliance or home system suddenly fails.


How sellers can benefit from having home warranty coverage:

  • Protects against the hassle and reduced marketability that breakdowns can cause during the listing period
  • Protects budgets from costly repairs on covered items
  • Gives buyers the confidence to submit their best possible offers
  • Prevents the sale from being derailed or postponed if a covered item breaks down during the transaction


How buyers can benefit from having a home warranty:

  • Protects budgets from costly repairs on covered items
  • Provides an easy, time-saving way to find service providers when a covered item breaks down
  • Provides the security of unlimited service calls and flexibility of 24/7 service requests
  • Protects covered home systems and appliances for a year or more after closing

Predicting when a home system or appliance might suddenly fail is as difficult as predicting the weather. But when those unexpected breakdowns are covered by a home warranty everyone benefits.