Home Warranty Plans for Southern Arizona

Getting the right coverage for your clients' most crucial systems is easy and affordable. Our First American Home Warranty Basic Plan for a single-family home starts at only $390, with a low $75 service fee. Sign in to order today.

In addition to our Basic Plan we offer bundled savings for buyers.

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Click below to view coverage and pricing details for our Southern Arizona plans, or search by zip code to see coverage in other areas.

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Value Plus Plan

Combines buyer's basic coverage with the First Class Upgrade and kitchen refrigerator.

  • $29 savings for single-family homes.
  • $44 savings for condominium/townhome/mobile homes.

Eagle Premier Plan

Combines basic buyer's coverage with the First Class Upgrade, kitchen refrigerator, and clothes washer and dryer at a discounted rate.

  • $49 savings for single-family homes.
  • $69 savings for condominium/townhome/mobile homes.

Robust Coverage for Your Clients

Our home warranty coverage offers protection against potentially higher repair and replacement costs that result from minimum energy efficiency standards.

  • 14 SEER compatibility – Assures covered replacements meet the 14 SEER requirements and new equipment is compatible with existing equipment.
  • No cap on HVAC refrigerant replacement – We cover the full amount of refrigerant needed to repair an air conditioner.
  • Water heater efficiency – Water heaters replaced under our warranties adhere to the National Appliance Energy Conservation Act (NAECA) efficiency standards.

Our line of home warranty plans are designed to cover the varying needs of your home buyers and sellers. 

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