Repair and Replacement Costs

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Home systems and appliances have a limited lifespan. No matter how well made a system or appliance is, or how much money was spent on it, eventually every dishwasher, air conditioner, clothes washer, and water heater will break down. And when one goes kaput, it probably won't be at a convenient moment for homeowners or their budgets. 

How Home Warranties Protect Budgets

Last year, First American Home Warranty paid out more than $169 million* in repair and replacements costs, saving their customers hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars on breakdowns to covered home systems and appliances.

Take a look at some estimated repair and replacement costs** below to see how a home warranty can help protect budgets and keep covered repair and replacement costs from going through the roof.

repair and replacement costs

*Paid invoices net of service fees in 2017, prior to deductions and/or rebates.

**Based on actual invoices paid by First American in 2017 prior to service fees, deductions and/or rebates; costs may vary in your geographic region. Items listed may be optional or not available on some plans; please review the sample contract for specific coverage, terms and limitations.