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Why Choose First American Home Warranty?

We Have Your Back

You can easily connect with your local Area Manager, who is ready to help you and your clients have the best home warranty experience. You also have the support of professionals working behind the scenes to ensure excellent service, including:

  • Round-the-clock customer claim requests online and by phone.
  • Customer support team ready to assist with managing claims.
  • Extensive, prescreened service provider network.
  • Dedicated service provider recruiting team.
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You help your clients make smart choices every day. A First American home warranty is a great way to save your homebuyers from the unexpected expense of home system and appliance breakdowns. It can also help your sellers reduce the risk of home repairs before, during, and after the sale.

Home seller benefits

  • Home warranty coverage during the listing period.
  • A competitive edge over other homes on the market without a home warranty.
  • Reduces post-sale liability because if a covered item breaks down, the new homeowners can contact First American for assistance.

Homebuyer benefits

  • Budget protection from costly repairs on covered home systems and appliances.
  • Easy solution when covered items break down.

Repair or replacement

  • If First American determines your clients’ covered system or appliance cannot be repaired we'll replace it.*
  • When a covered item breaks down, your client can contact our Service Department 24 hours-a-day, 365 days-a-year, simply by placing your service request online or by calling us.
  • The age and brand of covered items does not matter and our home warranty covers unknown conditions, which can include rust, corrosion, sediments, and problems due to lack of maintenance.

The Strength of First American

First American Home Warranty has been an industry leader in home warranty for more than 35 years. Last year we spent more than $193 million dollars** to repair or replace covered systems and appliances in homes nationwide.. We have the experience, integrity, and stability to honor our commitment to you.

*Please read your contract for specific coverage and limitations. In some instances, Homeowner and First American may agree to payment of cash in lieu of repair or replacement. Payment will be made based on First American's negotiated rates with its suppliers, which may be less than retail.

**Paid invoices net of service fees in 2020, prior to deductions and/or rebates.