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Colorado Home Warranty

If you’re like most people, protecting your home is a top priority. But homeowners insurance alone isn't enough if you want to avoid unexpected home system repair and replacement costs that can often set you back thousands of dollars.

That's why a Colorado home warranty from First American can be so helpful. Our comprehensive packages offer protection for your home systems and appliances, no matter how old they might be.

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Buy a Colorado Home Warranty

I'd like to get home warranty coverage. How do I find a quote that fits my budget?

How Colorado Home Warranties Work

The process of purchasing and using a CO home warranty is very simple and straightforward:

First American Home Warranty Quote

You choose our Basic or Premier home warranty based on what systems and household appliances you want to cover. You can also customize the plan based on your individual needs, opting for additional options that can provide extra coverage.

Choose Your Payment Option

We will collect some basic information about your home, including the types of appliances and systems that you have. Then, we'll provide you with the payment options that you can choose from.

A Contractor is Assigned

As soon as your contract starts, whenever a covered item breaks, you'll be able to contact us 24/7 and we will arrange for a qualified contractor to diagnose and repair or replace the covered item.

Why worry about home appliance failures. First American has got your back!

Won’t it be nice to sit back and enjoy the budget protection and peace of mind that a First American home warranty can offer? 


As a homeowner, you probably know all too well just how quickly and suddenly appliances can fail, costing you hundreds or even thousands of dollars to fix—even more if they need to be replaced.

But with our homeowner warranty, you will be protected from the hassle of unexpected breakdowns to your appliances or home systems, and you can request service 24/7 when you need help with a covered item.

At First American, we believe that we are among the best home warranty options in Colorado because we want to make the process getting coverage as simple as possible. Therefore, we don't require inspections or maintenance records for your home or appliances, saving you time and effort in taking out a plan.

We also don't limit coverage based on the age of your appliances, provided they are in safe, working order when coverage begins.

Home Buyer? Home Seller?

Many people buying a home are not even aware that they can take out a home buyers' warranty in Denver as well as in other cities across the state.

Buying a Home

A home buyers' warranty in Colorado can help minimize risk and give you peace of mind when you purchase a home. With a home warranty, if a covered appliance or home system breaks, you’ve got protection for your budget and someone to call to get the repair process started. Our network of qualified contractors will diagnose and repair or replace the covered item, allowing you to focus on enjoying and settling into your new home.

Selling a Home

Home sellers can also take advantage of the unique benefits offered by home warranties in CO. A home warranty can increase confidence and minimize risk if something breaks while you’re selling your home, or worse, during the closing process.

Real estate plans are not available online. Learn more about ordering coverage for buyers and sellers.

Trust First American

The benefits of choosing a Colorado home warranty plan are quite clear, but whether or not you are actually satisfied with the service will depend on the home warranty company in Colorado with which you end up working.

At First American Home Warranty, we have spent decades building a reputation as a reliable, honest, and financially solid company that cares about providing the best possible service to each customer.

We are committed to helping people with their home systems and appliances, and have support staff available 24/7 to handle any requests or inquiries. And with our vast network of contractors across Colorado, we'll get a qualified specialist diagnosing and either fixing or replacing your covered appliance or home system as soon as possible.

If you’re looking for the home warranty Colorado residents trust, First American is here to help. Get a quote today, and we'll set you up with a plan that fits your situation.

First American Reviews

First American has become known as one of the best home warranty companies in Colorado, thanks to our happy customers who are willing to share their experiences. Here are just a few reviews recommending our services:

My Realtor got my First American warranty for me as a housewarming gift when I bought the house. I've been a customer for three or four years. I just go on the website to submit a claim and then somebody calls me back once I submit the ticket. It's all pretty straightforward. The contractor comes, then usually they'll do an assessment and then they've had to order parts. They'll come and they'll look at it and say, ’Okay. Well, we need to replace this part,’ and then they'll order a part and then call me again to reschedule. It's been good every time. I haven't had to have anyone back out. I've been very happy with them. I got a good return on my investment.

Daniel of Aurora, CO

Jess the owner of the electrical company responded quickly and got our water heater working again. He also showed me a re-set red button if we lose hot water again. My wife and I are very pleased with Jess's work!

Ross of Parker, CO

Quick service after the initial telephone call. Repair service called the same day to schedule a visit. The technician arrived on schedule and diagnosed the problem. He ordered a replacement garage door opener which arrived in the next two days. He called upon arrival of the item, scheduled a date to install and completed installation quickly and efficiently.

Richard of Arvada, CO

You can find many more reviews from our customers on our reviews page.