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Home Warranty Reviews

Homeowners love having budget protection and easy solutions provided by their First American home warranty plan.

Don't take our word for it, see what real customers have to say in the home warranty reviews they've shared with us, as well as awards and home warranty reviews we've received on independent websites.

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Customer Reviews

My level of satisfaction with First American Home Warranty one to ten, ten being best - I would give it a ten.

- Rodney Mitchell, customer since 2009

We had a dishwasher break. It was a high-end dishwasher. You know, the technician came out and determined that it was kaput. It could not be fixed. I think it was within 48 hours, we had a brand-new dishwasher of the same make, same quality, put in, which was hundreds upon hundreds of dollars in savings.

- Jeff Zwerling, customer since 2001

First American protects me from any of the major problems with my appliances and where I would normally pay, you know, thousands of dollars for new appliances. I rely on my First American home warranty to help me replace them or fix them as needed.”

- Renee Cowan, customer since 2009

If something happened and we weren't covered with First American, I can't even imagine how expensive it would be, because things do go wrong when you own a home.

You could have one problem one day then two weeks later it's something else, so no matter how many times it happens you know you're covered.

- Lisa Mitchell, customer since 2009

I'm not a handy guy. I don't fix things.

If there's a plumbing problem or an electrical problem, I have no idea what I'm doing. So I pick up the phone; I call them. They send people who do know what they're doing and they fix it. I had this refrigerator which I bought. Big, huge refrigerator. I came home from vacation and it had just died. So I called them up and they sent somebody out right then and there. It took them a couple of visits, because it was an older refrigerator, to figure out exactly what was wrong. But by about 3 days later, they fixed it. Again, rather than going out and spending over a thousand dollars for another refrigerator, which I did not have, they fixed it.

I've had them for over a decade. Every time they've come out, I've been happy.

- Brian Yablon, customer since 2004

I've been very happy with First American for more than 15 years. In the middle of the summer, the air conditioner stopped working, and in San Fernando Valley, you don't want that at all. So we call First American; they sent a gentleman. He fixed it, and it never acted bad again. If I didn't have a First American Home Warranty Plan, it would've cost a lot of money, a lot of aggravation, and I really wouldn't know if the problem would be taken care of professionally.

- Boris Ervits, customer since 1999

I've had two service requests recently. I had quick and excellent responses for both incidents. The air conditioning issue was particularly urgent because the temps are nearing 90 here and we have a medical patient in the house. First American dispatched a technician in a matter of hours and he was excellent and responded to our call after hours late in the evening. He took care of the problem right away and we had a very pleasant night thanks to the quick resolution of the issue.

I'm genuinely impressed with the level of service and would recommend First American to any homeowner. I will always be a First American customer!

- Robert Jones, customer since 2014

The home warranty allows you to sit back and let First American do all the work. All you have to do is schedule an appointment. So it's not just peace of mind, but it's a time-saver, money-saver, everything. It just really streamlines the whole process when an issue comes up.

- Scott and Marlene Nantell, customer since 2017

I do my homework before I buy something, and I checked this company out thoroughly. I know there's home warranty companies out there that don't measure up, that they promise but they don't deliver. First American promises, but more importantly they deliver. And it's been my experience and I just can't say enough about it.

- Bill Cranham, customer since 2006

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You can contact our Service Department 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, simply by placing your service request online or by phone. Our company has been recognized as a trusted service with these high-quality home warranty and third-party accreditations:

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