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Home Care Tips

  Garbage Disposal
  • An easy way to clean! Turn on garbage disposal and push ice cubes into it while running cold water.
  • An easy way to prevent stoppages! Always remember to run water during use and for at least two minutes after use.
  • Garbage disposal leaking? Check for loose sink and drain connections.
  • Are your dishes not getting clean? Try running hot water from the tap before turning on the dishwasher. This will allow hot water to get to the dishwasher faster. Also, check to make sure that your hot water setting is correct.
  • Are your dishes still wet after the drying cycle? Dishes may stay wet due to mineral deposit build-up on the heating element. After unit has cooled, try using vinegar to remove the deposit build-up.
  Water Heater
  • Is your water heater producing water that is too hot or not hot enough? Check the setting on your hot water heater. An incorrectly set thermostat can cause water to be either too hot or not hot enough. Also, help keep your water temperature constant by using a water heater blanket. Still not working? If you have purchased a home warranty with water heater coverage, simply call us for service.
  Gas Range
  • Do you smell gas around your oven or stove? Make sure the oven or stove dials are turned to the off position and air out the room. If you continue to smell gas, continue to air out the room and immediately notify the gas company.
  • Is the flame not burning steadily from the burner? Try turning it off and cleaning it. Reset the burners when you’re done cleaning and they are dry.
  Electrical System
  • Lights or outlets not working? Check the breakers on the electrical panel. If a breaker is not in the "on" position, turn the breaker off then on. Still not working? If you have purchased a home warranty with electrical system coverage, simply call us for service.
  Air Conditioning
  • Keep your Air Conditioning running efficiently. Have annual system maintenance service done before the annual air conditioning season begins and replace filters monthly during the hot summer season. If your air conditioning system is not working and you have purchased a home warranty with air conditioning coverage, simply call us for service.
  Washing Machine
  • Is your washing machine leaking? Inspect washing machine hoses for wetness around hose ends and signs of bulging, cracking or fraying. Replace the hose if a problem is found or every three to five years as part of a proactive maintenance program. If your washing machine is not working and you have purchased a home warranty with washing machine coverage, simply call us for service.

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