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Get to Know Your Home Warranty Coverage

If you’re a new customer, the Homeowner Center is a great place to gain a better understanding of the home warranty coverage you have. It’s an easy-to-navigate, mobile-friendly online customer space for requesting service, tracking the status of service requests, and more.

In fact, we encourage our home warranty customers to take advantage of their Homeowner Center account. You can view your contract and explore what’s covered for the appliances and home systems your contract protects. You can also check specifics about what isn’t covered and examine contract limits and caps. Your plan options and upgrades are also available to view when it’s time to renew coverage.

Learn about the coverage you have

Understanding more about your coverage can help you be ready to request service when a covered item breaks down.

Need Service?

Homeowner Center dashboard for viewing homeowner warranty coverage

If you haven’t had a chance to register, it’s simple to set up your account.

Know More About Your Home Warranty Coverage

Understanding your coverage is important, and First American has some of the best coverage in the industry. Yet there’s more to your home warranty coverage than you may know. For instance, did you know First American home warranties provide protection for potential unknown conditions due to lack of maintenance?

And while some home warranty companies may ask potential customers to provide maintenance records to purchase coverage, we don’t. We rely on our contractors. Here’s what else to remember about your home warranty coverage! You have:

  • A full year of coverage from the date your contract went into effect
  • No age restrictions on covered appliances or home systems
  • A network of prescreened contractors helping to provide service you can trust
  • 24/7 access for service requests online, or by phone anytime you can’t get online
  • Compliance with federal mandates for HVAC and water heater
  • No size limit on a covered residential air conditioning unit
  • 14 SEER replacement coverage for HVAC system
  • Coverage backed by industry leader in home warranty business for more than 35 years

Of course, not everything in a home can or should be covered. For example, home warranties do not cover small appliances like toaster ovens and mixers. That’s why First American Home Warranty’s base plan focuses on providing industry-leading coverage for essential items homeowners rely on every day. Covered items like your home’s dishwasher, oven, and garbage disposal. And when you sign in to your Homeowner Center account you’ll see a complete picture of coverage details in your home warranty plan, including options and/or upgrades that were available in your area to purchase when you took coverage.

View coverage details for your home warranty

Ready to See Your Coverage in Action?

Open a service request! Your new home may be your dream home, but there’s also a good chance you have covered items that your contract protects in the event of a breakdown. Your home warranty covers repair or replacement of those covered items. So, register, review coverage details for a covered item that’s failing, and request service when you need our help.

Already have a Homeowner Center account and a request for service that’s recently closed? Remember, there’s no limit on the number of service requests you can make.

Track service requests from your Homeowner Center account

It’s one thing to have the reassurance of home warranty coverage. It’s another to take advantage of the coverage you’ve got. We want you to get the value out of the coverage you have. What are you waiting for?

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