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Choosing a First American home warranty is the smart choice


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Home Warranty Benefits

Home Warranty Benefits

“First American has had a lot to do with the success I’ve had in real estate. I offer my clients a warranty because I think it is the best and safest way to protect your client. I sell about 30-40 homes a year, and I think a lot of that success has to do with the fact that I do give this gift to my clients.”

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    real estate pro iconReal Estate Testimonials

    See what real estate professionals say about the benefits of a First American home warranty for their business and clients.

    Real Estate Testimonials
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    Why First American Home WarrantyWhy Choose First American Home Warranty?

    You can count on First American to protect your clients and your reputation.

    The smart choice
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    We provide marketing materials to help make your job easier and educate homebuyers and sellers on our home warranty plans.

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