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Keep in Touch with Your Clients

Help us educate your clients about the value of their home warranty coverage. Opt-in to our Keep in Touch program and we’ll automatically send postcards to remind your clients to use their home warranty when something breaks. The seller’s postcard, as well as two of the three buyer’s postcards, all will include your name so you stay connected with clients.

Seller's Postcard

This postcard, sent 30 days after coverage starts, reminds sellers that their home is covered by a home warranty, which can help their home stand out in the market. 

KIT seller postcardKIT seller postcard back

Buyer’s Postcard Series

After home warranty coverage begins, your homebuyers will receive a series of three postcards.

Buyer's Postcard 1

This first card, sent 30 days after the start of home warranty coverage, congratulates the buyer on their new home, and encourages them to set up their online account so they’re prepared when something breaks.

KIT buyer postcard 1 KIT buyer postcard 1 back

Buyer's Postcard 2

This second card, sent six months after coverage begins, reminds buyers about their home warranty and encourages them to set up their online account if they haven’t already. 

KIT buyer postcard 2KIT buyer postcard 2 back

Buyer's Postcard 3

The final card, sent 30 days before the home warranty expires, wishes the buyer a happy home anniversary and encourages them to renew their home warranty. 

KIT buyer postcard 3KIT buyer postcard 3 back

Opt-in to the Keep in Touch Program

Want to make sure all of your clients get Keep-in-Touch postcards when you order our home warranty?

  1. Sign in to the Real Estate Center. Don’t have an account? Watch how easy it is to register.
  2. Click My Account, and then My Account.
  3. Scroll down to the Keep in Touch section and select Send Keep in Touch postcards.
  4. Scroll to the bottom and click Update.