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A home warranty can benefit your business and protect your reputation and that’s why real estate professionals across the nation trust First American to do just that. See reviews from real estate agents and their clients about the benefits of home warranty protection from First American.

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Buyer and Seller Agent Reviews

“I offer my clients a home warranty because you never know what comes next. Murphy's Law, the deal closes and the water heater goes out, or the electrical shorts. I like to know that the assurance is there for peace of mind for all parties involved.”

- Caroline Fuller, REALTOR®, CENTURY 21 Alliance

“I recommend First American home warranty because they’re easy to work with, they always make signing up for the home warranty as easy as possible, I just need to make a call or send an email and they take care of everything for me through escrow, and I purchase the home warranty myself for all of my buyers so I know they can have peace of mind once they move into the new home.”

- Lisa Alberston, REALTOR®, Pacific Union

“I offer my clients a warranty because I think it is the best and safest way to protect your client. When you’re purchasing a new home you really don’t know any of the history or matters that could affect it, and if you buy them a home warranty you’ve really protected them. First American has had a lot to do with the success I’ve had in real estate. I’m the top producer in Sonoma County for Bradley Real Estate. I sell about 30-40 homes a year, and I think a lot of that success has to do with the fact that I do give this gift to my clients.”

- Meaghan Creedon, REALTOR®, Bradley Real Estate

More  Reviews

"My personal experience with Houston Area Manager Elizabeth Seal and First American was exceptional. They understood my situation and promptly provided a reasonable solution. I didn’t know what to expect and have been fairly skeptical until now. Moving forward I will always have a home warranty on my home with First American."

- Brittany U, Greenwood King Properties 

“When we purchased our home in south Orange County, the real estate agent recommended First American Home Warranty for our home purchase. The experience that the real estate agent had had with First American was favorable, and he recommended that versus some of the other companies, based on experience. It's nice having the warranty. And you obviously don't want things to break, but when something does break, then you hope it's something that is covered.

I recommend for people to have a home warranty, and First American's a great company to work with. It gives you that sense of security, and it's a good investment in your home.”

- Jim Nichols, customer since 2009

“Being a cost analyst, I’m always looking at my own budget, and my REALTOR®, who’s also my friend, suggested First American because it was economical for me as well as reliable.

I noticed that there was a problem with my — my garbage disposal, and of course, I didn’t know what it was. I gave First American a call and somebody was out there at my house within 24 hours, they replaced the garbage disposal that day and everything was fixed within, you know, within that next day.

I’m 100% satisfied with First American.”

- Renee Cowan, customer since 2009