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What Makes First American Different?

Not all home warranties are equal. What makes First American Home Warranty different? As a real estate professional, you get the best home warranty coverage for your homebuyers and sellers and exceptional service and support that helps make your job easier.

If you’re comparing home warranties for homebuyers and sellers, here are just a few of the benefits that our home warranty offers that can save your clients money:

The First American Difference

  • Unlimited service calls

  • No dollar limit on refrigerant replacement

  • Any size and number of residential AC units covered

  • 14 SEER coverage that includes compatibility to ensure new equipment works with the existing systems

  • Unknown pre-existing conditions, including lack of maintenance covered

  • Failures due to rust, corrosion, chemical, or sedimentary buildup are covered

  • Coverage starts the day of closing (no waiting period)

  • No limit on age of homes

  • Appliances are replaced when replacement parts can no longer be found

  • Continuous coverage from seller to buyer

  • Pool and spa option covers saltwater at no additional cost

We also support your business to help make your job easier through the great personal support provided by your Area Manager and our mobile-ready Real Estate Center website, where real estate pros can find:

  • Diverse, unique marketing materials you can personalize to help you connect with clients
  • Quick, simple online process for ordering home warranties
  • Secure, easy online management of client home warranty orders

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Coverage listed is for home warranty plans involved in a real estate transaction; please review the sample contract for specific coverage, terms and limitations.