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At First American, your local Area Manager is ready to help you and your clients have the best home warranty experience. Plus, you have professional support staff working behind the scenes to ensure excellent service for you and your clients, including:

  • Round-the-clock customer claim requests online and by phone.
  • Customer support team ready to assist with managing claims.
  • Extensive, prescreened service provider network.
  • Dedicated service provider recruiting team.
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What the Pros Say

You help your clients make smart choices every day. A First American home warranty is a great way to save your home buyers from the unexpected expense of home system and appliance breakdowns. It can also help your sellers reduce the risk of unforeseen repairs to covered items before, during, and after the sale.

Watch what some of the REALTORS® who work with First American say about why they choose our home warranty to help protect their clients:

Caroline Fuller, REALTOR®

I offer my clients a home warranty because you never know what comes next. Murphy's Law: the deal closes and the water heater goes out, or the electrical shorts. I like to know that that insurance is there for peace of mind for all parties involved. I appreciate the defined solutions that First American offers.


Lisa Albertson, REALTOR®

What I like about working with First American Home Warranty is the people and the relationships that I have developed over the years. The follow-through is always really good, a lot of professionalism, and great service. I think real estate is about people and relationships. I think having a relationship with First American Home Warranty helps me give great service to my customers, both before, during, and after escrow.


Meaghan Creedon, REALTOR®

I offer my clients a home warranty because I think it is the best and safest way to protect your client. When you're purchasing a new home you really don't know any of the history or matters that could affect it, and if you buy them a home warranty, you've really protected them. First American has had a lot to do with the success that I've had in real estate.


Our Benefits Set First American Apart

What makes a First American home warranty stand out in the industry? Check out the many benefits that our home warranty plans offer your home buyers, home sellers, and all First American customers:

Home buyers

  • Increases confidence in submitting best possible offer when purchasing a home.
  • Budget protection from costly repairs on covered home systems and appliances.
  • Easy solution when covered items break down.
  • Coverage that starts the day of closing (no waiting period).

Home sellers

  • Home warranty coverage during the listing period.
  • Provides a competitive edge over other homes on the market without a home warranty.
  • Continuous coverage from seller to buyer.
  • Reduces post-sale liability because if a covered item breaks down, the new homeowners can contact First American for assistance.

All customers

  • Unlimited service calls.
  • Unknown pre-existing conditions, including lack of maintenance are covered.
  • Coverage for failures due to rust, corrosion, chemical, or sedimentary buildup.
  • No limit on age of homes.
  • Pool and spa option covers saltwater at no additional cost.

HVAC coverage

  • No dollar limit on refrigerant replacement.
  • Any size and number of residential AC units covered.
  • 14 SEER coverage that includes compatibility to ensure new equipment works with the existing systems.

Repair or replacement

  • If First American determines your clients’ covered system or appliance cannot be repaired we'll replace it.*
  • When a covered item breaks down, your client can contact our Service Department 24 hours-a-day, 365 days-a-year, simply by placing your service request online or by calling us.
  • Appliances are replaced when replacement parts can no longer be found.**
  • The age and brand of covered items does not matter.

Easy-to-use Real Estate Center

First American also supports your business and helps make your job easier through our mobile-ready Real Estate Center, where real estate pros like you will find:

  • Diverse, unique marketing materials you can personalize to help you connect with clients
  • Quick, simple online process for ordering home warranties
  • Secure, easy online management of client home warranty orders

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