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Our flexible plans offer homeowners, sellers, buyers and real estate agents valuable coverage and savings on home systems and appliance repairs. Last year alone we spent over $122 million repairing and replacing covered items.

*Gross dollar amount nationwide in 2013 before service fee deduction.

In addition, we offer resources to real estate agents to help make your job easier and keep you focused on your next closing.

We have a national sales force of local representatives. These knowledgeable professionals can stop by your office to share how we can help you develop a full-service real estate offering, and provide training including:

  • Risk management training
  • Marketing assistance
  • Continuing education

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Real Estate Sales: 800.444.9030
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Renewal Sales: 800.327.9292

Must-Watch Video

Must Watch Video

Watch this 3 minute video to see how a home warranty can protect your client's home and budget.

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"I believe in First American Home Warranty. I have used them whenever possible, since I have found their service to be superior to any other home warranty company."

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