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Read below to see how other Real Estate Professionals feel about First American Home Buyers Protection.

“I have maintained my First American home warranty for more than 10 years because it gives me peace of mind. I know I’m covered if a major component fails. It has covered replacement of the furnace, water heater, and several other items in my house. Plus, the service from First American has always been quick and reliable.”

- Peter, Raleigh NC

“My seller & buyer clients have both been very happy with the follow up and service of First American! We have used other warranty companies in the past, and have found First American Home Warranty to deliver the best service and reliability! After seeing the positive results and the money my home sellers have saved, I highly recommend a First American Home Warranty policy to all my clients when they are selling or buying their home!”

- Chris, Cary NC

“I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you and First American. You are always available to answer questions for me and my homeowners. I think First American is a great value and I feel confident that my homeowners are in good hands when they choose your warranty... I also appreciate the customer follow-up after the closing… You have done a great job keeping me and my office educated on changes to the warranty. Thank you again for your great service.”

- Margaret,
Greenville SC

Those providing testimonials are not employees of First American, nor were they paid for their testimonial. Please see contract for details of coverage.

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