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First American Home Warranty Service Provider working on a bathroom sink.

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How We Work

How We Work

Network Member Benefits

First American Home Warranty has the ability to dispatch hundreds, if not thousands of calls per year to your business, depending on your location, number of technicians and vehicles.


Service Steps

  • Customers will contact First American directly to request service.
  • First American will dispatch a request asking you to contact the customer to schedule a convenient appointment.
  • During the appointment you will collect a Service Call Fee and diagnose the failure.
  • You may contact First American to verify home warranty coverage if needed, and begin the repair or replacement process.
  • Once the job is complete you can enjoy easy online billing and express payment for any remaining covered job costs.

Service Provider Spotlight

Service Provider Spotlight

"We’ve been fortunate enough to not ever have to advertise in the twenty-six years that I’ve been in business. I can say without any doubt that’s directly related to working with First American.”

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