Home Warranty Network 101

A home warranty is typically a one-year service contract designed to protect homeowner’s budgets from unexpected, costly repairs on home systems and appliances.

First American Home Warranty provides coverage for the repair or replacement of home systems and appliances, such as air conditioning, heating, plumbing, electrical, kitchen appliances, and pool and spa equipment when they inevitably break down due to normal wear and tear

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The success of our business is based on our network service providers completing repairs quickly and accurately. Service providers see success when providing consistent, quality service to our customers because it generates referrals and repeat business. 

We have the ability to dispatch hundreds, if not thousands of calls per year to your business, depending on your trade, location, and number of technicians and vehicles.

If you are selected to become a part of our Service Provider network, you must first successfully complete a probationary period to ensure customer satisfaction standards are met based on customer survey results.

Our Contractor Relations team enjoys building and maintaining solid relationships with our Service Providers. Throughout our relationship we'll continue to gather feedback from customers to share with you on a regular basis to ensure everyone is having a positive experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What resources does First American offer to Service Providers?

Participation in our home warranty network can help you build your business without advertising, offers access to new customers, and opportunities for year-round work. Our billing process is made easy through an online account, and we offer express payment. We also offer a preferred purchase program, as well as free customer service evaluations based on feedback and ratings collected from customers.

How do I get started?

The first step is to complete our online application. Our team will review your application and will reach out to you to discuss next steps. Before you begin please be aware of the following requirements:

  • You must carry the licenses required by your state for your trade.
  • You must carry general liability and First American Home Warranty must be listed as certificate holder and additional insured.
  • You must comply with state requirements for workers' compensation.

What is the best way to manage a First American work order?

Once you’ve been accepted in our network we will designate a dedicated representative who will walk you through our new provider orientation.

What service trades does a home warranty cover?

Homeowners can choose from several plans and options to best suit their home’s specific requirements. Basic plans typically include coverage for: kitchen appliances, water heaters, plumbing, electrical, heating systems, and more. Optional coverage can range from pool/spa equipment, washer/dryer, kitchen refrigerator, air conditioning, well pump, and more. Coverage varies by region and whether the home is involved in a real estate transaction. You may view the trades in the sample coverage for home buyers and sellers, or sample coverage for homeowners who are not involved in a real estate transaction.

How does the claim process work for service providers?

  • Customers will contact First American directly to request service.
  • First American will dispatch a request asking you to contact the customer to schedule a convenient appointment.
  • During the appointment you will diagnose the failure.
  • You may contact First American to verify coverage if needed, and begin the repair or replacement process.
  • Once the job is complete you can enjoy easy online billing and express payment.

I have additional questions. Who should I contact?

Please reach out to our Contractor Relations team by calling 800.553.6699 and when prompted choose "Contractor Relations."