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Service Provider testimonials

Read below to see how Service Providers feel about First American Home Buyers Protection.

"Working with First American home warranty company has provided us with continuous, year round work. They are easy to communicate with and quick to pay."

Charlie Bonfe, President, Hers and His Plumbing, LLC

"Throughout the years we have had the privilege of working alongside First American. We've established a strong business relationship, and are very proud to have a business partner with extreme competence, ethics and a high level of integrity. First American is very committed in satisfying their clients at all cost. We also strongly believe in delivering the highest quality of customer service, which makes them a pleasure to work with... FA has been a tremendous asset for our business and has helped us grow in every way possible..."

Julie Estrada, Regional Manager, Exit Garage Doors Inc.

"We are very proud to say that on April 19, 2011 we completed 20 years service for First American and their policy holders. They have proved to be an excellent business partner inasmuch as being extremely prompt in paying our invoices and they show the same expediency to their customers when it comes to authorizing the work. It is completely understandable why they are a major force in the home warranty business. Thanks to them we never noticed the 'lean' times, we always had that extra work."

Gerry, Mission Viejo, CA

"This is just a note to thank First American in assisting my business in our expansion since the late 1990s. I'm always impressed in how efficient their service is and how much we've benefited in our long relationship. We consistently find that the service for both the contractor and the customer is excellent and the personnel we work with are great. The employees of every department at First American go well beyond the normal call of duty and their dedication to both us and the home owner makes it easy to see why First American is a first rate company."

Fanya, North Hollywood, CA

Those providing testimonials were not paid for their testimonial. See contract for specific coverage, limitations and service fee amount.

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About our Service Providers

It’s important that our customers have their covered home repairs completed quickly and accurately.

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First American Home Buyers Protection has been an industry leader in home warranty for over 30 years and is a part of The First American Family that traces its heritage back to 1889.

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