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Nevada Home Warranty

First American offers comprehensive Nevada home warranty packages that cover many of your home’s crucial appliances and systems. Anytime covered systems or appliances like your dishwasher or air conditioning system break down, we will connect you with a qualified contractor who can diagnose and fix the problem.

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I'd like to get home warranty coverage. How do I find a quote that fits my budget?

What is a Home Warranty?

A home warranty is one of the best ways to protect your home from unexpected issues. By signing up for affordable protection, you can rest assured that when your covered home appliances or systems break down, you won’t have to take care of the problem yourself.

Repair bills for appliances and home systems can often cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars, which is a lot of money, especially when it’s an unexpected expense. And no matter how well you maintain your appliances, even the most reliable ones will start showing signs of wear sooner or later. Eventually, they are bound to stop working or performing as they should.

Having home warranty coverage can help eliminate the hassle of finding a qualified contractor. But most importantly, having the protection of an NV home warranty helps provide peace of mind about your home finances.

At First American Home Warranty, we have a vast network of contractors around Nevada and across the country, so you can rest assured that we'll quickly match you with someone who can deal with the problem.

Why worry about home appliance failures? First American has got your back!

Won't it be nice to sit back and enjoy the budget protection and peace of mind that a First American home warranty can offer?


If you own a home in Las Vegas, Reno, or elsewhere across the state, having a home warranty is one of the smartest decisions you can make. Your home is not just a place you want to make comfortable for yourself and your family, but it can also be one of your biggest assets. With a home warranty you can protect your home systems and appliances and your budget at the same time.

First American is one of the best home warranty companies in Nevada because it offers comprehensive protection designed with homeowners in mind.

We understand that you are busy and don't have the time to micromanage the home system or appliance repair process. We aim to simplify the process for you: all you have to do is contact us 24/7 and report the problem to receive qualified help. With our contractor networks, you can rest assured that you will get help from a technician specializing in the problem you are facing.

Home Buyer? Home Seller?

When you're selling a home, you want to make sure the process goes as smoothly as possible. The last thing you want is for appliances and systems to break down at the worst time and leave you scrambling to find a qualified professional to deal with the problem.

When you choose a home warranty plan from First American, you will get protection for home systems and appliances along with the peace of mind knowing that you have a simple solution if something breaks.

A home warranty can also help make your home easier to market and boost buyer's confidence, as they will know that they’ve got protection if something breaks.

Buyers can also take advantage of home warranty services, avoiding surprise expenses after purchasing a home and giving themselves a safety net when settling in.

Real estate plans for buyers are available online. Learn more about coverage and options for buyers.

Home Warranty FAQs

Here are some answers to your questions about First American home warranties.

What does a home warranty cover?

First American Home Warranty has plans and options to choose from to best suit your home's specific requirements. Plans can include coverage for kitchen appliances, water heaters, plumbing, plumbing stoppages, electrical, heating system, and more. Optional covered items can include pool and spa equipment, a well pump, and more. Get a quick quote and see what's covered.

What is a service call fee?

This is the fee paid to First American Home Warranty when you request service. The service call fee is similar to the deductible you pay when you make a claim on your homeowners insurance.

Who do I contact at First American Home Warranty when a covered item breaks?

When a covered item fails, sign in at or call First American at 800.992.3400 to request service. It is important to contact us first, as we do not reimburse for services performed without approval.

How quickly are home warranty claims handled?

After we confirm coverage here at First American Home Warranty, the repair technician typically receives the claim dispatch within four hours, during regular business hours. Normally, the technician will initiate service within 48 hours. Simple repairs are usually made on the first visit. If parts must be ordered, however, an additional visit(s) may be needed to complete the repair or replacement.

Who will you send out to my home to service my system or appliance?

We will send a technician from our network of thousands of independent service providers who are pre-screened, and monitored for performance through customer satisfaction surveys.

Trust First American

Choosing a home warranty is an excellent decision, but you still need to find a reputable company if you want to be happy with the services that you get. That's why you want a company with an established reputation to trust with your home systems and appliances.

First American is among the best home warranty options in Nevada because we place our customers first and strive to provide excellent support.

Whenever a covered item breaks, you will always be able to contact us online or by phone to get help. Our network of contractors are ready to provide you with capable assistance throughout the year.

First American provides a home warranty Nevada citizens know and trust. To learn more about our plans and the options that suit your needs, get a quote today.

First American Reviews

There's a reason why so many people choose First American: we provide consistent and reliable service that you can count on. But don't just take our word for it—check out some of the Nevada home warranty reviews from our happy customers.

Excellent service. Great customer. Will be a customer forever! Plumber Walt was his name. He was very nice! I like Ideal Service. They are the best in Las Vegas. I will insist on Ideal service when I need service again.

Alan of Las Vegas, NV
Very courteous and completed work professionally. Very pleasant on the phone and service was timely. Will recommend your services to others. I have used your services for several issues and all have been completed with satisfaction. Frankie has been here on several calls and he is polite and focused and very knowledgeable.
Marcia of Las Vegas, NV
Had a great experience with Ideal Plumbing. They came out, ON TIME, diagnosed the problem, promised to return with needed supplies, showed up again ON TIME, fixed the problem, were clean and professional. We used to have the ‘other guys,’ who we had for 15 years, and they generally treated their customers like dirt.

My understanding is that we're going to test putting the state name either in the body or the subject line, but need raquel to confirm. .
we may change out block D based on state too. but not exactly sure what the plan is right now
Barry of Las Vegas, NV

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