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Pennsylvania Home Warranty

Home systems and appliances can break down at the worst possible time. Whether it's the air conditioning unit, heating system, or refrigerator that goes kaput, fixing those problems is a top priority for any homeowner. But repairs can often cost hundreds, or even thousands of dollars if you need to replace one of them.

Luckily, when you take out a Pennsylvania home warranty plan with First American, you can avoid worrying about dealing with appliance repairs on your own.

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I'd like to get home warranty coverage. How do I find a quote that fits my budget?

Protect Your Household with a Home Warranty

Homeowners in PA want to protect their home from unexpected breakdowns, because they know these things are an unavoidable reality. The good news is, when you work with a home warranty company like First American, you can avoid the headaches that come with trying to fix broken down appliances by yourself.

Whenever a covered item breaks down, you can call us or go online 24/7 to file a claim. A representative will collect the information you provide to set up a time when a contractor can come and diagnose the problem for you and then work on getting it repaired or replaced.

You'll also get protection from expensive and unexpected repair bills and we'll ensure you have a qualified technician that can either fix or replace your broken appliances.

We don't place restrictions on how old your appliances are, and we don't require a home inspection, so you can start setting up your plan as soon as today.

Why worry about home appliance failures? First American has got your back!

Won't it be nice to sit back and enjoy the budget protection and peace of mind that a First American home warranty can offer?


Every homeowner has to deal with breakdowns to their appliances and home systems eventually. But for some, that process is made much easier with our help.

When you have a First American home warranty in Pennsylvania, you will gain access to a vast network of contractors in state and across the country.

That means we have the ability to arrange for a qualified contractor in your area to come to your home to fix the covered item you are having problems with, so that you don't have to go without that essential appliance or home system for long.

First American is one of the best home warranty companies in PA because we understand the needs of homeowners and do our best to simplify the process of submitting a repair request.

Having peace of mind regarding the protection of your home appliances will not only provide you with a financial safety net, but can also ensure that all of your home systems get the proper care when they break. And maintenance of your home’s appliances and systems can also help prolong their life.

Home Buyer? Home Seller?

When looking at home warranty companies in Pittsburgh and across the state, it's a good idea to learn whether their plans provide comprehensive coverage for homebuyers and home sellers, and not just homeowners.


Homebuyers are taking on a substantial risk by purchasing a house, even when they prepare for all the possible financial aspects. You can never be entirely sure if everything in the home is in order, and a faulty or damaged home system can easily cost buyers thousands of dollars to repair or replace.

But with the home warranty plan from First American, homebuyers can rest assured that when a covered item breaks, they would receive prompt help, without having to worry about big additional repair costs after the purchase.


Home sellers can also feel at ease when they opt for a home warranty in Pennsylvania. When trying to sell a home, you don't want to deal with unexpected breakdowns yourself, as they are not only costly but time-consuming, and can mean an interruption to the process of the sale.

When you work with First American, you will have professional assistance that is just a phone call away to help you solve issues your having with an appliance or system. What's more, protecting your home’s appliances can also make buyers more confident about closing a sale with you. Coverage lets them know that you take care of the systems and appliances in the house.

Real estate plans for buyers are available online. Learn more about coverage and options for buyers.

Home warranty FAQs

Here are some answers to your questions about First American home warranties.

What does a home warranty cover?

First American Home Warranty has plans and options to choose from to best suit your home's specific requirements. Plans can include coverage for kitchen appliances, water heaters, plumbing, plumbing stoppages, electrical, heating system, and more. Optional covered items can include pool and spa equipment, a well pump, and more. Get a quick quote and see what's covered.

What is a service call fee?

This is the fee paid to First American Home Warranty when you request service. The service call fee is similar to the deductible you pay when you make a claim on your homeowners insurance.

Who do I contact at First American Home Warranty when a covered item breaks?

When a covered item fails, sign in at or call First American at 800.992.3400 to request service. It is important to contact us first, as we do not reimburse for services performed without approval.

How quickly are home warranty claims handled?

After we confirm coverage here at First American Home Warranty, the repair technician typically receives the claim dispatch within four hours, during regular business hours. Normally, the technician will initiate service within 48 hours. Simple repairs are usually made on the first visit. If parts must be ordered, however, an additional visit(s) may be needed to complete the repair or replacement.

Who will you send out to my home to service my system or appliance?

We will send a technician from our network of thousands of independent service providers who are pre-screened, and monitored for performance through customer satisfaction surveys.

Trust First American

One of the more common reasons why some homeowners hesitate to get a Pennsylvania home warranty is because they think they will need to spend time getting a home inspection or appliance checkup. At First American, we understand that concern and we have made our process for choosing a plan and gaining coverage as simple as possible.

We'll help you select a plan that suits your needs and the appliances you have. Our plans don’t require home inspections and don’t have limitations on the age of your appliances.

Once you select your plan and confirm your preferred payment option, you have a full 30 days before payment is due. When the plan becomes active, you'll gain access to our vast network of contractors, so that when you need help with any of your covered items, we’ll find a qualified contractor to help.

First American has been providing quality services to its customers for more than 35 years and can offer comprehensive protection for your appliances when breakdowns occur. If you want to learn more about the home warranty PA that residents trust, get a quote right now: we'd love to hear from you.

First American Reviews

When exploring home warranty companies, you must make sure they have a good track record and have met the needs of their other customers. To learn what our customers have to say, read some of the PA home warranty reviews.

Dryer Repair - What can I say other than I will be renewing when the time comes. I have 2 Friends that just bought home and bought your coverage. I cannot say ENOUGH about you guys. I had to call you several times on items in our house we bought and needless to say repairs where complete. Everyone that was sent out was VERY professional. It's great to have that peace of mind to know when I call I will have great service.

Elizabeth of Columbia, PA

Since getting it a few months ago, we've had to use it twice and have been very pleased. The first time we had our AC leaking due to the drain being clogged, they were quick to come out and fix it and did a good job. This last service really proved that the company was willing to stand by their contract without any problems. Our dryer was overheating and we had the service tech come out and they tried to fix it, but discovered it was not able to be fixed. So the tech notified First American and within a day I was contacted that they were going to replace our dryer. The dryer is getting delivered tomorrow and it is actually the same brand and comparable to the one we had before. If we didn't have the warranty we would have been out several hundred dollars, so we are happy to have this service!

Teri of Dover, PA

Problem with kitchen pipes and bathroom sink stopper. Kitchen pipes leaked and bathroom sink drain stopper did not work. The tech tightened and adjusted the kitchen pipes and replaced the bathroom drain assembly. After testing the work, I was satisfied.

Ed of Langhorne, PA

You can find many more reviews from our customers on our reviews page.